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Related post: Raven 41 AS REQUIRED If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please do the right thing... (Whatever that may be...) This story is copyrighted, 2010. To me the author and it is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission. If you have any desire to get in contact with me for comments, directions to a good Beta, pictures, or music relating to the story, or for permission to use my story (for lord only knows what...) You may contact me at my email address: I also love reviews, both the good and the bad. So please feel free to send your thoughts along, I will models mpegs be more than happy to answer any questions about the story toplist model art or writing or anything else that you might have. So I hope to hear from you. nn models gallery A Personal Note: Some of you have noticed my long absence in posting, that is because I have begun the long process of having the story edited and getting it ready for possible publishing. I have moved it to GayAuthors the url to the story is located here: It is a much more polished and cleaner version of the one you have been reading, your critique and comments are always welcome. To those of you who have sent reviews to me in my leave, I wanted to personally thank you for your interest in my work and also an interest in my well being. Thank you. Chapter 41: Trouble I was shaken awake by Clayton "Hey Dust you have to get up" I heard and I opened my eyes and saw Clayton standing outside the car with the door open. tiny princess models "I'm awake" I said rubbing my ddoggprn models video eyes "We're just around the corner from your house" Clayton said "What happened?" I asked as I was assaulted with the rush of cold air. "You used quite a bit of magic there and you passed out. I wouldn't be surprised if you young modeles sex had quite a bit of magical poisoning." He said "then again you are the Ky'rae..." he added as an afterthought. 16yo naked model model girl 11yo I still had trouble understand what it all meant and frankly all I wanted was to go inside and crawl into bed. I unbuckled and got out of the car. My head was pounding with a five alarm headache. I needed some aspirin now! "Thanks for teen underwear modelpics bringing me." I said and Clayton surprised me by wrapping me up in a hug. "You're welcome" he said texas models nude giving me a small kiss on the cheek "see you soon" he said moving to get back in the car and I turned around and headed for my house. Without a glance nonude teens models back I held my head and with a groan walk through the snow. Clayton was right, I really was just around the corner. I walked up the back porch noticing the sky was beginning to lighten and the stars were fading. I walked to the door and opened it quietly and tiptoed inside. I needed to hurry up to my room to at midget models girls least get alsscan models a few hours of sleep. I quietly made my way through the living room and headed to the amateur models gab stairs I was about halfway up the stairs when the lights suddenly flicked on and I looked up and saw both of my parents standing at the top of the stairs. "Oh fuck" I said without realizing it turkish nude models amateur model place I looked at my parents and realized they were both pissed. I tried to think of something... anything but my 2 level models mind froze. tiny innocent models "Indeed" my dad said "now turn around" he said and I walked back downstairs and I tamar bikini model felt myself being pushed into my parents office which was a room I rarely went. I felt crothchless panty models myself being alexandra sullivan model pushed down into a chair and my dad turned and shut the door. They stood there silently for a few moments and I looked up at them in fear. I had never seen them that angry before. I figured the only person who would notice my absence was Ian, I never even accounted for my parents or even my sister. My head throbbed for good measure. childmodel spars "What the fuck did you think you were doing!" my dad started and I looked down ashamed to even look him in the eyes. "We've been sick with worry, we were even going to call the cops but the strangest thing happened" he said young models gallerys I snapped my head up "I get a phone call at three in the morning from Terry Gallant saying that you were over at models internet teens their place and that you'd be model agency home soon." he said I figured out what had happened at that instant. Clayton and Casey must have told their mother and she had been assigned to watch the house in my absence. She probably heard my parents talking about calling the police so she called them letting them know I was alright. I was saved... well almost. destiny model teen "So..." my mom said "what was so important that you felt the need to just walk out of the house in the dead of night in the middle of November for no apparent reason?" bobbie model shutdown "Judy, please..." my dad interrupted My dad pressed on nude model "I find it extremely odd that literally seconds after your mother and I were discussing calling the police that we get a phone call out of the blue. The most peculiar thing out of all of it was she used the words `please don't call the police'" my dad said I stood there shocked atom models "I am a firm believer in `Occam's Razor' are you familiar with the term?" my dad asked "No" I said "Basically... the simplest explanation tends to be the right one" he said "could it merely be coincidence that Terry would call a house randomly at three in the morning to let me know you were okay. Or did she know I had my models 10 yo hand models 12 years on the receiver ready to call." My mother remained silent "You placed a lookout spying on us as you went out and did lord knows what" my mom said "you're going to tell us right now or so help me you won't live to regret it" They waited there waiting for nn adolesent models my answer and my mouth ran dry as every word I tried to say fell silent in my mouth. There was nothing I could tell them, my magic was binding my silence. "I swear I wasn't drinking, model forum or drugs or anything... we were just hanging out together" I said "Well that was at least courtney goldberg model partially reassuring" my mom said "but you're still lying" she said preetteen modells evie model passwords "It's the truth" I said "Lying by omission is still lying" she said I was backed into a corner and I knew it, worse off was they knew it too. I stood up out of the chair. My head was pounding and my patience was quickly running out. "We're not done young man.. I..." My mom was saying but I interrupted her by loudly saying "FORGET!" I shouted the word and I felt my magic surge through me in a great icy wave and I briefly felt like someone hit me over the head with a bucket of bikini store model ice water. It numbed the pain I was hawii bikini models feeling only briefly before the headache came back even young model masturbation worse than before. I felt nauseous and I really lily modelo sets wanted to lay down. My dad looked stunned as my mom's eyes rolled into the back of her head for a moment models teenage nudity "Judy, are you alright?" my dad asked reaching and shaking her sxy teen model "What... Yes" she said disoriented "what's going on?" she asked "Well I just oreteen model forum came down here for some milk and dad heard me down here and we were talking about Christmas until now when you've just arrived." I said and my dad looked at me in total shock and then at her and then back to me "Oh... okay... well I'm going back to bed" she said turning around and walked out of the room. My dad and I held each other's gaze for a david brooke model few moments "So..." I said "are we okay now?" I asked and my dad just stared at me for what seemed like an eternity "You can tell me" he said "I can take it" "I cannot" I said with composite model airplanes a frown and he seemed to topsite models teen understand akt modele erotik sexi modelos "A secret then?" he asked "A big one" I said "The Gallants are helping me" I said "I see" he said "So the Gallants are..." I watched in horror as his eyes suddenly rolled into the back of his head and he fell to the ground in a heap. From behind him out of the shadows of the wall I watched as a figure literally appeared as if out of thin air. "Jackson" I said recognizing the figure jaye teen model amy carson model "I'm sorry... nude nebraska models but THIS is not allowed" he said anatomical medical models "he cannot be allowed to know." "Listen, if anything were to happen to me, I would like at least one person to know the truth, someone I know" I said ianna model cindy models tezza "It cannot be done" he said walking over to me and wrapping me in a hug "How did you get here?" I asked "Cailen took me" he said rubbing my head... "You need to get to bed, you look dead on your feet and you must be suffering magical poisoning" he said frowning lia swimsuit model "What happened back child cute model at the chamber is everything alright?" I asked "Never better" he smiled "I'll tell you more later" he lilota model said turning towards my dad "No!" I shouted moving and standing in-between them "Dustin I must..." Jackson pleaded "Leave him..." I heard from the shadows of the room and I watched Jackson bow low. I could barely see Cailen hiding by the shadow of the door. "Cailen?" I asked but he didn't answer "As you wish it" Jackson said and walked over to where Cailen had been and blended into the shadows. "Jay I..." I stammered chinese college models "We'll talk of this later" he said "get some sleep" And with that he disappeared into the shadow of the room again as if he was never there. `I've got to learn how to do nude halloween models that' I thought young thia models I looked down to my father and I sighed as I rolled him onto his back and he groaned and opened his eyes and looked at me. "What happened?" he asked sharply "Short answer, you fainted" I said offering him a hand. He took my hand and hoisted himself into a sitting position. "What happened earlier?" he asked "Dad..." I paused and took a deep breath "I can't satine child model tell you for your safety" I said "but trust me when I nude foto model tell you I am fine... except for this pounding headache which I am about to remedy when I pass out." I gave him a weak smile. He reached out and I pulled him up and he gave me a strange look. bikini models site "go to bed" he said and I nodded I gave him a fleeting glance and he seemed to be staring out into nowhere lost in thought. I turned away centerfold model pics from the room and I went upstairs and made it to the confines of my room and fell asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow. I woke up to the shrill voice of my mother calling up the stairs. "Dustin wake up, it's time to get moving" I heard her shout I opened my eyes and blearily looked at my alarm clock which read one in the afternoon. I let out a small sigh and I heard a voice give a chuckle "You sleep like the dead" and I turned and saw Ian reading the English assignment on his bed. "Up for the day?" he asked "Gah" I said moaning "so tired" "Poor thing" he said "I think I know sugar artmodeling com something that might wake you up" I couldn't help but smile "Oh" I said mockingly "and what's that?" I asked "Just a little something" he said coming over to me and sat next to me on the bed swinging his feet up and turning to face me "I love you, you know that right?" he asked My heart swelled in my chest as I looked at this beautiful asian pretten model creature in front of me and realized I was blessed. vombat model model lia jessi "As I do you" I said and he leaned in and kissed me. His lips were so full and soft as we kissed and he pushed his tongue into my mouth and I let out a small moan, sist model airplanes but before anything else happened he pulled away. "you need a breath mint" he said "eew morning breath" he said and gave me a small peck on the lips "I guess I will just have to kiss you somewhere else" he said turning and I felt his lips meet my neck and he instantly found my `on' switch and I reached around him and pulled him into me as my fhm models cock instantly became hard and I started bucking my hips. "Getting excited are we?" he looked down at me with a smile full of mirth. "Better hurry nude models portal it up then" I said and Ian took off his shirt and pulled eveline model com the covers off me and small vladmodel pushed my shirt up over my chest. I reached to modeling agencies pennsylvania him and pushed his pajama pants down and he grabbed my pants I was still wearing from last night and he pushed kid model nude them down exposing my erection. "Wait" I exclaimed Ian looked at me with wide eyes but they quickly becamed concerned "Are you alright?" he asked me soccer models nude "Are you comfortable with this?" I asked and Ian got a big smile across his underwear models sale face and my heart fluttered teen model videos "Nervous?" he mocked young models sexe "Well you seem so enthusiastic for someone who refused to model beauties accept he was gay" I said and Ian gave me a weaker smile. "I am through living my life with regrets Raven, I need pree teens modelling to live and I need you." He said "Are you sure?" I asked meninasbrazil models galleries He leaned in and kissed me little model pic "I'm sure, I'll prove it" he winked at me. He grabbed my cock and then his and started stroking them together "Oh Ian" I moaned and he leaned down taking his hand off and started kissing my neck again and we ground our hips together. tmf models preeteens I couldn't hold it for very long garmin various models with him kissing me like that "Ian I'm..." I warned and suddenly he pushed himself tatyana teen model down and teen car models took the head of my cock into his mouth just as it exploded and I looked down as I shot volley after volley into his mouth. It was so hot. He came back up and we kissed sharing my seed and as we kissed I felt him slowly humping me rubbing my spent cock and I felt the warmth from his seed as he put his load on my stomach. "I think it's time for a shower before your mom comes up and kills us" he winked at me and ran into my bathroom. I followed close behind, We showered together though it was all business as we hurried to get clean so as to not arouse suspicion from my mom. We got dressed and Ian gave me a quick kiss as we then made it downstairs and into the kitchen. Mom was already dressed and was sipping on some coffee. "About time you lazy lugs, we're late" she said I had no idea what she was talking about "Mom, where are korea model nude we going?" I asked "Christmas shopping silly" she said and I saw Ian take teenie models video on a slightly sad look "You too munchkin" she said lifting elena teen model up Ian's chin "you're going to experience a Farrell Christmas" "You're doomed" I muttered and my mom turned and glared at me free child models "I heard that" she said "now you boys go throw on your jackets and boots I hear it's going to get a bit nasty later" she said and we threw on our winter things and soon we were into the dasha modelflat pics garage and into the car. 15y porn model Mom climbed in and started up the car and we pulled out of the driveway and onto our street. She then glanced back into the mirror. "So Ian" she said "I see we have had a change of heart?" she asked kids erotica model "I don't understand" he said teen sxy model "I mean I see that you asia bikini model are holding hands, have you changed your mind tanja teen model about being gay?" she asked Ian went pale and swallowed hard "I love Dustin very much" he said and my links models teen mom cracked a smile "I did say you would make a cute couple" she said "but I have to warn you that if you ever hurt my son I will reserve the right to kill you" she said "MOM!" eve eyecandy model I exclaimed "Sorry sweetie, I just need to make sure that this isn't some sort of experimentation or fling for him. I only want the best for my boy" "He is the best" I said lollitas teen models "Good" she smiled Thanks for ReadingReviews, comments, and questions are always welcome at Cailen
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